Pipe Blends

Kentucky's Best Next Thing Comes Down the Pipe

Kentucky's Best® Pipe Blends are Available in 16 ounce bags or 6 ounce bags of Original, Blue, Orange or Menthol.

Like all our products, Kentucky’s Best® Pipe Blends are the result of our unique, careful, hands-on methods. Of course, Happy Wigglesworth supervised every step of the process, so our Pipe Blends are made from high-quality select aged tobaccos for a distinctive rich flavor and pleasing aroma – but cut slightly larger for pipe smokers and those who enjoy a thicker cut.

Our Pipe Blends pack easy and burn cool for a truly satisfying smoke. And you can choose the blend that suits your taste – Original, Blue, Orange or Menthol.

Ask your tobacconist for Kentucky’s Best® Pipe Blends and see for yourself what a difference four generations of farming and blending know-how can make!

If your local tobacco store doesn’t carry Kentucky's Best Pipe Blends®, chances are if you’ll make a little noise they will! Ask them for Kentucky's Best® Pipe Blends® by name. You might even want to tell them about this website. We’re working hard to make sure you can enjoy the flavor and satisfaction of our products, and we appreciate your help in letting your favorite retailer know about us.


Sizes: 6 oz, 16 oz


sizes: 6oz, 16oz


sizes: 6oz, 16oz


sizes: 6oz, 16oz