VB Made in the USA

Made in the USA Still Means Something

At Farmer’s Tobacco, we always listen to our customers. Many of them are good friends.

So when we kept hearing some folks ask for a slightly richer, fuller-flavored smoke we called on top tobacco blender Happy Wiglesworth.

Now we can offer VB Made in the USA® cigarettes. Like Kentucky’s Best® and Baron American Blend® brands, you'll find a blend of deep, dark toasted Burleys, Flue-Cured bright-leafs and just the right amount of Mediterranean Orientals.

And we pack these smokes tight for a longer burn. Once you try a VB, it might just become your favorite!

Like all Farmer's Tobacco products, they are Made in the USA by folks who cherish the soil, the art, and the tradition. It also means a lot to us to provide an honest wage for hard working American families.

If your local tobacco store doesn’t carry VB Made in the USA® cigarettes, chances are if you’ll make a little noise they will! Ask them for VB Made in the USA® by name. You might even want to tell them about this website. We’re working hard to make sure you can enjoy the flavor and satisfaction of our products, and we appreciate your help in letting your favorite retailer know about us.

VB Red King

sizes: VB Red Kings Box

VB Red 100s

sizes: VB Red 100s Box

VB Gold King

sizes: VB Gold Kings Box

VB Gold 100s

sizes: VB Gold 100s Box

VB Blue 100s

sizes: VB Blue 100s Box

VB Menthol King

sizes: VB Menthol Kings Box

VB Menthol 100s

sizes: VB Menthol 100s Box

VB Green 100s

sizes: VB Green 100s Box

VB Non-Filtered 100s

sizes: VB Non-Filtered 100s Soft