Terms and Conditions

Our Website

This is the Farmer’s Tobacco of Cynthiana, Inc. corporate website. We do not advertise, sell or offer promotions for our products on this website to the public.

The following policy applies to all the domains owned and operated by Farmer's Tobacco. These include:


Adult-Only Audience

This website is intended for use only by adults. Farmer’s Tobacco Company of Cynthiana, Inc. (FTCC) believes strongly that persons under legal age should not smoke. FTCC takes no actions to encourage youth smoking, and supports programs designed to discourage and reduce youth smoking. FTCC does not engage in any advertising, promotion, or marketing to minors. In addition, it is FTCC's correspondence policy to limit business communications to adults. We have taken steps to prohibit access to this website without age verification.


We are glad to hear from adult smokers, industrial colleagues, and other adults who have any interest in FTCC. To avoid mis-communication and to protect your interests as well as those of our company and associates, we affirm the following:

Unsolicited Ideas

Although FTCC appreciates your interest and concerns, it is our policy to decline consideration of unsolicited ideas. We believe this is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings over the origin of particular ideas. We constantly have new ideas, many of which are in development for years before their actual use. So please, do not submit product ideas either through this website, email or by mail.

Student Requests

In order to maintain an appropriate separation between our products and marketing and those who are may not be of legal age to purchase and use tobacco products, FTCC does not respond to student requests for information of any kind.

Consumer Inquiries

If you are an adult who has a specific question about one of FTCC's products, please contact the email or regular mail address on the package. If you are an adult who has a general question about FTCC, you may write to the "Support" address shown on the "Contact Us" page of this website. Because all of our products, brands and communications are intended for adults only, it is our firm policy not to respond to any communications from minors and those under the legal age of buying and consuming tobacco products.